BENEATH THE SURFACE (2022) Movie Review

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Beneath the Surface is a 2022 British drama thriller film about a young woman attempting to deal with the aftermath of a shark attack.


After surviving a shark attack in which her father and sister died, Lexy’s (Georgie Banks) life becomes a living nightmare.


However, with the help of a counselor named Fran (Nicola Wright), she delves deeper into the haunting flashbacks and gradually uncovers the truth of what happened that fateful night…

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Beneath the Surface is a misfire on just about every level. The shark attack sequences aren’t scary. The scenes dealing with Lexy’s mental issues don’t feel realistic or even dramatic and the film’s thriller aspects are dead on arrival. This is the kind of film we were seeing from Jeffrey and company a couple of years ago, and as such, is a major step backwards.” Voices from the Balcony

Release date:

Beneath the Surface will be released On-Demand (VOD) on March 3rd 2022.

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Choice dialogue:

Isaac [Matthew Marcelis]: “Weird things birthdays, aren’t they? People celebrate as if you’ve made some massive achievement when all you’ve really gone and done is just spent another year surviving.”

Cast and characters:

Georgie Banks … Lexy McKenna
Nicola Wright … Doctor Fran Goodman
Stephanie Lodge … Vicky
James Robertson … Bill
Beatrice Fletcher … Amy
Annie Knox … Chloe
Matthew Marcelis … Isaac
Andrew Rolfe … Detective Cronjen
Julia Quayle … DC Du Plessis
Natasha Arancini … Receptionist

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Filming locations:

Pekes Manor House, Chiddingly, Hailsham, East Sussex, England (also used for Monster Portal and Spider in the Attic)

Technical details:

1 hour 33 minutes

Alternate title:

Shark Attack




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