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Cast Of PREY FOR THE DEVIL (2022) Movie Trailer , Plot And Release Date

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PREY FOR THE DEVIL (2022) Cast, Plot and Trailer

Prey for the Devil is a 2022 American horror film about a nun who is studying how to perform exorcisms when she encounters a demonic force.

Directed by Daniel Stamm (Into the Dark: Down13 SinsThe Last ExorcismA Necessary Death) from a screenplay written by Robert Zappia, based on a storyline co-written with Todd R. Jones and Earl Richey Jones. Produced by Paul Brooks, Earl Richey Jones, Todd R. Jones, Jeff Levine and Jessica Malanaphy.

The Gold Circle Films-Lionsgate-Confluence production stars Virginia Madsen (Better Watch OutDead Rising: WatchtowerCandymanZombie High), Colin Salmon, Ben Cross (Black ForestThe Unholy 1988), Jacqueline Byers, Christian Navarro, Nicholas Ralph, Lisa Palfrey and Tom Forbes.

Sister Ann (Jacqueline Byers) joins the Catholic Church’s fight to curb the rising number of demonic possessions. After opening a school to teach young priests how to perform exorcisms, her abilities to combat demons are recognised and, despite rules stating nuns aren’t allowed to take part in the practice, she’s authorized to perform exorcisms.

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Alongside the young Father Dante (Christian Navarro), she’s tasked with saving the soul of a young girl who is seemingly possessed by the same demon that took Ann’s mother. Drawn into a battle against the demon, she soon realises the danger she’s in and that the devil wants to take hold of her too…

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Production and release:
Prey for the Devil has had a troubled production history since 2020. Originally titled The Devil’s Light, James Hawes (Black Mirror) was initially signed to direct. It was originally slated for a January 2021 theatrical release before being pushed back once again until February 2022. A release via Lionsgate is now expected on October 28, 2022. Meanwhile, the first trailer is scheduled for July 14.

Cast and characters:
Virginia Madsen … Doctor Peters
Colin Salmon … Father Quinn
Ben Cross … Cardinal Matthews
Jacqueline Byers … Sister Ann
Christian Navarro … Father Dante
Nicholas Ralph … Father Raymond
Lisa Palfrey … Sister Euphemia
Tom Forbes … Matt
Velizar Binev … Father Bernhard
Debora Zhecheva … Young Ann
Owen Davis … Emcee At Pub
Martin Taskov … Priest
Anton Dimitrachkov … Priest
Cora Kirk … Emilia
Posy Taylor … Natalie
Christian Levchev … Priest
Elizabeth Gibson … Sister Kylie
Zheliazko Isakov … Priest
Tedi Dinh … Priest
Lazar Kirilov … Priest
Ivan Rangelov … Priest

Technical details:
1 hour 33 minutes
Audio: Dolby Digital

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