WHISPER (2022) Trailer and release Date

Cast Of WHISPER (2022) Trailer, Plot and Release Date

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WHISPER (2022) Plot , Trailer and Release Date

Whisper is a 2022 British horror film about a young Asian nurse who is looking after a patient in a remote place in the English countryside.

Directed, co-produced and co-edited by Christopher Jolley (Remember Me; writer of The Ghosts of Borley RectoryDoll HouseScare AttractionAlfred the DollThe Haunting of Borley Rectory) from a screenplay co-written with co-producer Robert Dunn.

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Executive produced by Jeff Haber, Valon Jakupaj, Carly Jolley, Christopher Jolley, Angela McLellan, Steven M. Smith (director of The Ghosts of Borley RectoryDead Again; to The Haunting of Borley RectoryDoll HouseDoll CemeteryThe Howling) and Jamie Weston.

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The movie stars Linda Louise Duan, Richard Conrad, Amy Secker, Arron Blake, Ben Maytham, Penelope Read, Carly Jolley, Nadia Nadif, Roman Wood/Grey and Paige Jolley.




Cast and characters:
Linda Louise Duan … Sam
Richard Conrad … The Patient
Amy Secker … Gwen
Arron Blake … Joe
Ben Maytham … Peter
Penelope Read … Doctor Carpenter
Carly Jolley … Clara
Nadia Nadif … The Old Hag
Roman Wood/Grey … Doctor Wright
Paige Jolley … Test Subject One

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Technical details:
1 hour 16 minutes


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