DARK WATER (2005) Movie Reviews

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DARK WATER (2005) Reviews


Dark Water is a 2005 American horror feature film directed by Walter Salles, starring Jennifer Connelly and Tim Roth. The film is a remake of the 2002 Japanese film of the same name and also stars John C. Reilly, Pete Postlethwaite, Perla Haney-Jardine and Ariel Gade. The film is based on the short story Floating Water from the horror anthology Honogurai mizu no soko kara by Koji Suzuki, author of Ring.


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1974: A young girl, Dahlia, stands outside after school in the rain, waiting for her mother.

Flash forward to 2005, Dahlia (Jennifer Connelly) is grown up and in the midst of a bitter mediation with ex-husband, Kyle (Dougray Scott), over custody of their daughter, Cecilia (Ariel Gade). Kyle wants Cecilia to live closer to his apartment in Jersey City, but Dahlia

Dahlia and Cecilia see an apartment in a complex on Roosevelt Island, which is just a few blocks from Cecilia’s new school. The superintendent of the dilapidated building is Mr Veeck (Pete Postlethwaite). The manager is Mr Murray (John C. Reilly). During the tour, Cecilia sneaks to the roof where she finds a Hello Kitty backpack near a large water tank. They leave the bag with Veeck, and Murray promises Cecilia that she can have it if no one claims it. Cecilia, who had disliked the apartment, now wants desperately to live there. Dahlia agrees to move in…

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“It’s competently made, the atmosphere seems sort of creepy, and the acting is actually mostly good. But for some reason, it’s still a pretty awful movie, and it manages to feel like more of a waste of time than any Syfy or Chiller movie could…” So Good Its Awesome

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