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Download Blasts From The Past S01 E06 Mp4

Download Blasts From The Past S01 E05 Mp4

Download Blasts From The Past S01 E06 Mp4

Emily Blast, is an ordinary teenager with an amazing secret. She is a trainee time traveler whose mission is to recover historical objects that have gone missing.


With the help of a unique Time Surfer App (TESSA) on her phone, Emily is able to time jump through Irish history to pursue the missing items and return them to their correct place and time.


Each episode features Emily’s search for a different historical item which has gone missing from a particular period in Irish history. Whether it is St Patrick’s crozier or a composing stick for the printing of the 1916 Proclamation or Annie Moore’s Steamship ticket or Tom Crean’s compass – it is Emily’s job, with TESSA’s guidance, to save the day.


And as Emily zips back and forth along the timeline of our history, show comes in contact with an array of engaging characters who play their part in helping her complete her task.


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