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Download Professor JohnBull – Season 5 Episode 1(Running To The City) Mp4

Download Professor JohnBull - Season 5 Episode 1(Running To The City) Mp4

Download Professor JohnBull – Season 5 Episode 1(Running To The City) Mp4

In the new episode entitled Running to the City, two new Nollywood stars, Osita Iheme, a.k.a. Pawpaw, and Angela Okorie, are introduced to the household of the lead character in the Series, Professor Johnbull, acted by the doyen of Nollywood, Kanayo O. Kanayo (KOK). The duo are filling the vacuum created by the absence of the scholar’s son, Churchill (Jnr. Pope Odonwodo), who is currently in the United States of America to further his education and the former house maid, Caroline (Mercy Johnson-Okojie), who has travelled to attend to some family issues.

However, Professor Johnbull’s daughter, Elizabeth (Queen Nwokoye), who had undergone a successful medical treatment abroad, returns to the Series in the new episode as she takes over the challenging mentoring of the two new rusty members of the family, Nje (Angela Okorie), a village Cameroonian girl, who grew up in the professor’s country home, and Jeroboam, a.k.a Boam (Osita Iheme), who is reputed to have tendered the scholar’s father’s herd back in the village.

One interesting aspect of Running to the City is the round-character portrait of Professor Johnbull, who is revealed to have come to the rescue of Nje when she became pregnant some years back in the village and was treated as a pariah until the erudite scholar intervened.

The accommodating nature of the entire Professor Johnbull household also comes to the fore in the new episode as the new family members (Nje and Jeroboam) are welcomed
with open hands and integrated into the family.

Every attempt by the gateman, Abadnego (Martins Nebo), to prevent Nje and Jeroboam from gaining access to Professor Johnbull was rebuffed by the scholar who calls the duo “my people”.

One of the amusing shockers awaiting viewers in the new episode is the 360-degree turn made by the restauranteur, Olaniyi (Yomi Fash-Lanso), in professing love to Nje on the ground of complexion compatibility. Expectedly, his arch rival, Mai Doya (Funky Mallam), wastes no time in reminding Olaniyi of his love for Caro and queries why he must love every girl in Professor Johnbull’s house.


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