Eagle Wings (2021)

Eagle Wings (2021) Movie Review

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Eagle Wings (2021)

Eagle Wings (2021) Movie

Eagle Wings doesn’t need the epilogue, and the use of digital blood is cheap-looking. But, the plot is powerful, the characters are strongly written, the actors are excellent, and the visuals are amazing

Plot: Two Nigerian Airforce Officers owe a duty to rescue their colleague and course mate who crashed in an enemy territory, the rescue operation becomes a major offensive attack on the stronghold of the terrorist.

Eagle Wings starts when the Nigerian air force pilots Nura (Nwigwe), Yisa (Mohammed) and Paul (Jacobs) are searching for terrorist suspects, Nura crash lands near the area, finding himself in a small village, where the terrorists are searching for him.

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Yisa and Paul lead a mission to rescue Nura, who will continue to fight for what he believes in, protecting the Nigerian people from terrorists.

The story here will follow the Nigerian air force needing to show their strengths in unity to come together to save a fallen brother, who is fighting his own battle to save a village from terrorists. When it comes to the action side, this does everything you would expect from a military action movie, bringing the culture of a Nigerian background to the table, doing everything it needs to, to show the military heroes looking to come and save people from terrorists.

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Director: Paul Apel Papel

Writer: Paul Apel Papel (Screenplay)

Starring: Femi Jacobs, Enyinna Nwigwe, Yakubu Mohammed, Uzee Usman, Paul Apel Papel

Characters & Performances – Nura is the married air force pilot who is preparing to have his first child, he believes in fighting for his country, defending it from terrorist activities. When he is shot down near their land, he will help a small village, while looking to take down the terrorists, even if it is putting his own life on the line more than he needs too. Yisa and Paul are Nura’s best friends and fellow pilots, they will lead the mission to save Nura, promising to bring him back to his family. We get three great leading performances in this film from Enyinna Nwigwe, Femi Jacobs and Yakubu Mohammed, with the rest of the cast fitting the action roles well.

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 Eagle Wings is an action thriller using the military tactics to make the battle between air force and terrorists group come through. It does everything right to give us what we need for an entertaining action thriller.

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