THE EXORCIST (2022) martial arts fantasy horror film Review

THE EXORCIST (2022) martial arts fantasy horror film Review

The Exorcist is a 2022 Chinese martial arts fantasy horror film that follows the exploits of a master in exorcism fighting demons.

Directed by Dong Wei. The Shandong production stars Qian Xiaohao, Yu Xiaobin, Chen Yeling, Jia Xiaohan, Gao Weiman and He Xinzhu.

The exorcist master Lin Yuanying (Qian Xiaohao) and his young apprentice Liu Yu (Yu Xiaobin) travelled South and North to exorcise victims and catch demons. Master Lin Yuanying and Huang Yao fought evil fiercely.

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Unexpectedly, Huang Yao escaped. Who was possessed by him at the scene? The precarious apprentice Liu Yu, who was born in poverty, found that the Ding family was abnormal when he asked Dingxiang for marriage, and it seemed that there were demons at work. Can the two masters find the evil mastermind responsible?

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Original title:
驱魔天师 aka Qū mó tiān shī “Exorcist”

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

Full film – free to watch online [1080p HD]:

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