Going On A Movie Date? Best Movie Genres Perfect For A First Date

Going On A Movie Date? Best Movie Genres Perfect For A First Date

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Looking for the best genre for your lover on the first date, aha,here is what you should be looking out for.

You absolutely hate horror movies, but it is a must for a successful date! Wondering why? Here are the six reasons why you should watch a scary movie on a date.

But before people even get to the first date, there is the issue of where to go and what to do. It is tempting to play it safe when inviting a person somewhere for a first date. We may choose an Italian restaurant or a romantic comedy instead of a more adventurous activity like a theme park or horror film.

Horror films can be both engaging and memorable, just like a first date should be. A scary film can also help make the dating experience enjoyable by reducing tension. I believe that asking a date to see a horror film is a safe first-date option for a horror fan.

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Why Horror Movies are Recommended for a First Date

Horror Films Invite you to Make that First Move. Finding courage as you wipe your sweaty hands on your pants while trying to build up the courage to hold your date’s hand. Horror films take away some of those nerves by seemingly inviting you to hold hands. Tension-filled scenes provide the perfect reason to hold hands. If you are the dominant male, you get to provide comfort. If you are the female gorehound, you get to pretend that you need comfort even though your movie date might be the one who is freaked out. Horror films are the great facilitator of the hand-holding experience on a first date. They make the scariest part of the film much easier to deal with.

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1. Discover how tough he is
While watching a scary movie, you can see how tough he really is. If your date is afraid, it’s super cute as well!

2. Good excuse to cuddle
A better excuse doesn’t exist! When you watch a scary movie, you have to cuddle.

3. You are more appealing to your date
Research has shown that when you watch a scary movie, your brain produces a substance that makes you feel love.

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4. Deep conversations
A scary movie is a good reason to start a deep conversation. Ask him about his fears.

5. Show how tough you are
Suggesting to watch a scary movie is the best way to impress your crush.

6. You share an experience
When you share something scary with someone, you automatically have a bond. And the fact that you have watched this creepy movie together, unites you. Exactly what you want!

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