Horror Movies Adverse Effect On Pregnant Women

Horror Movies Adverse Effect On Pregnant Women,What Can Be Done

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Horror Movies Adverse Effect On Pregnant Women
Horror Movies Adverse Effect On Pregnant Women


Is there any adverse effect of horrors Movies on a pregnant Woman?, Let’s find out here.

Well, let’s put it this way – in Chinese superstition, it’s believed that if you look at pictures of cute babies while you’re pregnant, you will have a cute baby.

So if you think about it in that sense, it’s not surprising that women are discouraged from watching things like horror movies whilst pregnant.

However, when thinking about it more logically, there is no scientific proof that watching a horror film whilst pregnant has any effect on the unborn baby. It’s a matter of opinion.

Watching a horror film is certainly not going to cause the kind of physical damage to an unborn baby than smoking or drinking alcohol during pregnancy would.

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Of course, what we do know, is that putting added stress on an expectant mother unnecessarily is never a great idea. But make of that what you will. It’s fair to say that this particular decision is a personal one. During pregnancy, women are dictated to about so many things they can and can’t do. You can’t eat this and can’t drink that. You have to eat this and have to take that supplement.

This brand of baby product is the best, whereas that one is the worst.

It goes on and on. But which movies you watch as a mama-to-be, surely that decision should be yours to make based on what you feel is right for yourself and your baby.


Will Watching Horror Movies When Pregnant Affect the Unborn Baby?


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No, not necessarily, but that being said, if horror films aren’t usually your kind of thing, and you find them very scary or unsettling, then perhaps watching them during your pregnancy may not be the best idea.

After all, putting any added stress on your body whilst carrying your precious bundle of joy can’t be a good thing, right?

If you normally feel uncomfortable and stressed during a horror film, then it’s fair to say you will feel that on a larger scale whilst pregnant.

On the other hand, if you love your horror films, they bring you pleasure and you’re used to watching them, there’s no reason to think that your baby will be affected in any way by watching such a movie whilst pregnant.

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It comes down to what you’re used to, and how you handle such films emotionally. Again, you are the only person qualified to make that call for yourself and your baby.

Horror movies are not expressly prohibited when you are pregnant.

However, it is best to exercise caution and just wait until you give birth before watching a scary movie.

While there is no definitive scientific proof that watching scary movies while pregnant is harmful to your child, it is still important to put your child first.

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