Mr.Bones See Interesting Facts About White African Witch Doctor

Mr . Bones

Mr.Bones See Interesting Facts About The Adventures Of A White African Witch Doctor


Mr.Bones is actually very funny…the only problem is that if you come from the USA or some other place you will never understand the South African humor in it…so if you are from the US then don’t watch it…you won’t get it…but if you are from South Africa…you’ll love it…I really loved this movie…because I am South African, it shows a lot of things that happen in South Africa and it really made me laugh, so I definitely recommend it to any South African who hasn’t already seen it…if there are any South Africans who haven’t seen it… this movie has been bad-mouthed by many Americans and people in other countries simply because they just don’t get it… so South Africans…

South African comedy with Alfred Ntombela in the lead role, while Leon Schuster stars alongside Jay Anstey (“Legacy,” “Inconceivable”) as Gabrielle and Wandile Molebatsi (“Deep State,” ‘Hear Me Move’) as Malabanga. Prolific Gray Hofmeyr, who directed the first two films and created such cultural icons as “Isidingo,” “Suburban Bliss” (1996), and ‘Jock of the Bushveld’ (1986), directs.

‘Mr. Bones 3, Son of Bones’ was produced in collaboration with M-Net and Film Chrome, with support from the Department of Trade, Industry, and Competition and the National Empowerment Fund.

In the sequel to 2008ʼs ‘Mr. Bones 2: Back from the Past’ and 2001ʼs Mr. Bones,’ a young boy overcomes challenges to prove himself a man. Leon Schuster and Alfred Ntombela star alongside Wandile Molebatsi and Jay Anstey.

The storyline of ‘Mr. Bones 3 Movie, Son of Bones’ begins at the turn of the 20th Century when we witness (flashback) the burying of the Kruger millions by two Boer soldiers, who then kill each other through idiotic greed, leaving the Kruger millions hidden in a graveyard in Kuvukiland. Now, in the present, a scrawny businessman named Alvin (Moonsammy) and his Texan engineer partner named Jack (Janks), together with their beautiful guide, Gabrielle (Anstey) are plotting to mine for oil in the pristine land which would leave it an oily mess. Bones and Mathambo must devise a way to outsmart the opinionated Westerners. Of course, as their plan unfolds, so do many other unexpected twists and turns, with hilarious effects.

Mr . Bones

Leon Schuster offers readers 4 facts they should know about “Mr. Bones 3: Son of Bones”.

1. “Mr. Bones 3: Son of Bones” comes 14 years after the second installment, “Mr. Bones 2: Back from the Past”.


And 20 years after “Mr. Bones“. The storyline begins at the turn of the last century, when viewers witness (in a flashback) the burying of the Kruger millions by two Boer soldiers, who then kill each other through idiotic greed, leaving the treasure hidden in a graveyard in Kuvukiland.

2. Tobie Cronje, the 74-year-old South African actor best known for his roles in the television series “Manakwalanners”, “Binnelanders” and “Egoli”, and singer, songwriter, musician, and actor Bouwer Bosch make delightful cameo appearances.

3. In case you’ve forgotten how Bones got his name … Sixty years ago, in an obscure corner of Africa, the only survivor of a light aircraft crash was a baby boy.

4. The country has been waiting to see Mathambo in a leading role and he rose to the occasion like a giant.


Go watch it!! of course, there are those exceptions of people from other countries other than South Africa who have experienced South African life and who will enjoy it.