Naruto : Incredible Facts About The Most Watched Anime Nine Tailed Beast.

Naruto is named the most watched and best selling anime of all time, here you will get to see some incredible about the 9 tailed beast series Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto.

Naruto Uzumaki is a young ninja with big dreams. He wishes to one day become the greatest ninja and leader of his village and makes grand proclamations of his intentions. However it’s not his silly antics that have people keeping their distance, but that the great Kyuubi, or Nine-Tailed Fox, has been sealed inside of Naruto since he was a baby. This gives Naruto heightened abilities but also a sense of isolation from others, who fear he may one day bring disaster down on the village. Naruto must steel his heart against the cruel words of those that fear him and the Kyuubi’s own cynical voice that encourages him to destroy everything.

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While the anime mostly focuses on Naruto’s path to becoming Hokage and the lives and battles of the other ninjas he becomes acquainted with, the kitsune inside him plays a huge role in how his life turns out. His incredible power is what sets Naruto apart from others and invokes respect, fear, envy, and hatred. As the series goes on (and on and on) the Nine-Tailed Fox plays more of a role in the story and we are able to see more of his power.

Kakashi used to have a slogan.

During earlier drafts of Naruto, Kakashi would end his sentences with “gozaru,” a polite and old fashioned mannerism.

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Naruto’s favorite ramen shop “Ichiraku” exists in real life.

Ichiraku is a ramen shop in Kyushu near the university that author Masashi Kishimoto graduated from.

Kakuzu’s techniques are named after the series Mobile Suit Gundam.

For example, Earth Grudge Fear (jiongu) was named after the gundam MSN-02 Zeong.

Naruto’s trademark “Kage Bunshin” is actually a Jōnin level technique.

 Naruto wasn’t supposed to be a ninja.

At first, Naruto Uzumaki was supposed to be able to use a form of magic instead of ninjutsu. But the author thought this was confusing, so just made Naruto a ninja.

Masashi Kishimoto is a fan of the film, The Matrix.

And he drew inspiration from the lead character NEO when creating Gaara

According to the Naruto databook, Sasuke’s hobbies are training and taking walks.

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Whereas his older brother, Itachi’s hobby is trying out traditional Japanese cafes.

With over 250 million copies in circulation, Naruto is the 4rth best selling manga of all time. It is only behind One Piece, Golgo 13, and Dragon Ball.

When creating Naruto, Kishimoto incorporated several features that he felt would make an ideal hero.

He made Naruto with a straightforward way of thing, a mischievous side, and many of the qualities possessed by Son Goku from Dragon Ball.

Since Kishimoto doesn’t like smart characters, he made Naruto simple, and stupid.


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