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Which one is a better racing movie, Fast & Furious or Ford vs Ferrari , and why?

Car movies are the best! And with Ford v Ferrari fresh in our memories, comparing it to a classic such as Fast & Furious must be done. Who will win the race?

Ford V Ferrari is among the lucky nine films to have scored nominations for Best Picture at this year’s Oscars. While it has some stiff competition, the movie still has plenty of fans cheering for it to take home the gold. With the ceremony right around the corner, we added a few more observations about what sets the James Mangold-directed movie apart as well as why it might not be the best racing movie around

Both movies do deal with the dangerous consequences of racing and the story does go to some very dark places in both instances. But the filmmakers seem to understand that this kind of story should have a lighter approach as well and they are injected with a good deal of humor.

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However, Ford v Ferrari does pull off its humor better than Rush. Its comedy makes for some genuinely laugh-out-loud moments with Bale and Damon hitting that tone perfectly. Their fight on the front lawn alone is one of the funniest scenes of the year.

The Fast and the Furious didn’t boast much in the way of top-name talent when it first debuted, but at the very least it tried to fill out its cast with a wide variety of personalities. Leading man Paul Walker admittedly wasn’t as well known as Aaron Paul at the time, but the folks behind F&F surrounded him with a cast that didn’t feel like a bunch of one-note clichés. It says a lot when, five movies later, audiences turn out in droves to see the original cast reunite.

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The Fast and the Furious doubles down with two love interests, but unfortunately it relegates both Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and Mia (Jordana Brewster) to the periphery. They are the gear head girlfriends or potential girlfriends who have some knowledge about cars but get little screen time. Rodriguez does get a few actual action moments, but her brief late-film stunts are greatly overshadowed.

Then there is Imogen Poots, who is alongside Aaron Paul for almost the entire film, even hopping behind the wheel for one of the film’s better action sequences. She’s a Brit with an attitude and the perfect counterbalance to Paul’s character. To be fair, Poots has her share of damsel in distress moments, but her screen time and strength of character help put her above your typical love interest role.

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The Fast and the Furious stunt work is more memorable. Who could forget that awesome Christmas Vacation-Esque moment when the Honda Civic zips underneath the semi-truck? Or that final race between muscle car, tuner car, and train? Ford vs Ferrari impresses with practicality, but The Fast and the Furious has “cooler” stunts and that’s all that really matters.




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